Winery house Levent is specialized in the production of boutique series of wines of 2000 to 15 000 bottles. The annual production is about 100 000 bottles as 70% of them is white and rose wine and 30% is red wine.

It was established in 2005 by the brothers Plamen and Atanas Bobokovi and Tsanko Stanchev – oenologist having experience of many years in winery industry. It is located in unique military facility called Levent tabiya (Levent fortress), which served for defense of the town, built in the beginning of 18-th century, as the authentic appearance of the facility is mostly preserved.

Our task is to produce small batches of high quality wines, following the traditions of the most successful wine producers of the region.


Our grapes are grown in vineyards that have been the subject of meticulous study for many decades. We have managed to preserve the superb quality of our product by continuously overseeing and directing the agrarian and technical operations taking place in the vineyards.

Technology combining the classical winemaking practices

Our technology combines classical winemaking practices with modern approaches in the wine production industry. We offer technologies which are friendly for the grape and wine in order to keep mostly in the wines the variety and regional features.

Our wines incorporate the richness and beauty of nature, the professionalism and hard work of the team. Our desire is every bottle of Levent to leave unforgettable memory in anybody who tasted it.