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Grape analysis

Wine analysis

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Technologist’s wine tasting notes:

Deep pomegranate colour; Aroma of ripe dark berries and sweet oak; Soft flavour and long-lasting finish


Having been carefully sorted, the grapes are processed in a crusher /destemmer at 14˚C, with short maceration of the must for 2 days in wooden barrels of 4 m3, followed by alcoholic fermentation. The extraction is achieved by applying combined methods – submerging of the cap and recirculation of the must to douse the cap. The period of contact with the skins is 12 days. Once the solids are removed, the wine is poured in French oak barrels of 225 l where the malolactic fermentation takes place and the wine is left to mature for 10 months. The wine is naturally stabilised and gently filtered prior to bottling.